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Every product we sell is new/outright with a One Year Warranty. For application look-up assistance, please provide as much of the following information that you have:

•  Engine Model
•  Brand and model number of the equipment
•  Approximate year of the application


Bosch Long Haul Series 12 Volt Starter
Bosch Long Haul® Series 12 Volt Starter

The Bosch new Long Haul® Starters are typically more powerful, lighter or smaller than competitive 3yr/350K warranty products and are packed with additional features such as reclockable drive end housing and IMR relay, thermal protection, and protective solenoid cover.


For help identifying your late model alternator or starter, please email for quick part identification. In your email please include any information you have about the application as well as your contact information and the images listed below (images not required, but very helpful).

Front Mounting Photo
Rear Connection Photo
Profile Photo
Front Pulley Photo
Side Profile Photo
Rear Connection Photo
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